meet me in your dreams


Blinding rays that penetrate window glass to make a girl fourteen years old woke up from a dream in length. her name is Alesia, she had one week in Jakarta. Alesia moved from Padang, West Sumatra, the demands of her parents work is what makes now in this metropolitan city. her full name is Alesia Maharani Putri Wardana, she was born July 25, 1998, in the city of Padang, West Sumatra. This morning was the first day she entered school, Alesia has registered himself to a well-known school of international standard, namely SMP Negeri 3 Kartini, Jakarta.

The alarm clock has been showing at 6:15 pm, Alesia was preparing to leave for school. Before that, she did not forget to say goodbye to her parents. Since it’s still early in Jakarta, she escorted her father to school. “Alesia let’s go!” shouted a middle-aged man in the distance. Alesia answered “Yes Dad, wait a minute I’ll be right down.” Alesia quickly ran toward the sound is coming from. Soon she was in her car and the car was immediately running at medium speed, about 15 minutes Alesia and her journey. Arriving at the gate, Alesia was reluctant to go down, she was terrified that she would not have any friends. She saw the school gates carefully. “Alesia …” again surprised her father, once Alesia was immediately carried her bag and smiled at her father, “Daddy, I go, pray for me.” Alesia smile. Her father nodded, smiling. Alesia was opening the car door with hesitation. “Alesia, do not worry .. you believe you can, spirit!.” Alesia also responded with a smile, doubts have now been reduced.

“Brakk!!.” her books instantly fell apart “Aww!!.” Alesia winced in pain “sorry! Please forgive me, today I’m late!.” Parallel, Alesia expression turned into a worried face “What! Late?.” Alesia immediately glanced at her watch. “6:45, it must be because I’m too long in the car. Damn.” Alesia said to myself, she quickly immediately cleared her books scattered about. She ran regardless of the pain in her shoulder caused by colliding with a man who was very geeky. Sense of doubt it is growing again her heart, she thought that was so obvious no one wants to be friends with her​​. In addition she has a lot of deficiencies, it also often comes too late. Deg .. deg .. deg … “class IX E.” Alesia said to herself as she stared at the board hanging above the door. “I definitely could!!.” Alesia was slowly opened the door of the class. “Excuse me ..” Alesia smile. “Who?” it looks like it is the teacher who is teaching here. “I was a new student.” Alesia also stepped up to the teacher, her smile so bad, maybe it’s because he nervous. “Did you know that school is starting revision 6:30?.” Ask the teacher was put face grim, it increasingly makes Alesia fear, Alesia looked down and said “I’m sorry ma’am but I know I’m late.” touched the hearts of teachers rose and eventually she forgave Alesia. “Well, since you are a new student please introduce yourself.” Alesia expression turned into a happy, “Hi good morning, I introduce Alesia Maharani Putri Wardana, you can call Alesia, I was born in Padang Pariaman, West Sumatra on July 25, 1998. Kindly help friend. Thank You.” Alesia introduced himself, she saw the children one by one, and .. Wait! someone there, Yes! number two on the bench, it was a nerd who hit Alesia was also arriving in this class. “The introduction was good, you sit on the bench now number two at Afan. Afan, would you sit together with her​​?.” The teacher asked the geeky kid whose name Afan. Afan had just nodded, “Please Alesia.” Alesia said Mrs.Suny invite sitting, slowly walked over to Afan Alesia, and they sat down together. “Huft sit together with him .. maybe just today.” Alesia said to myself, smiling a little. “Hey, it’s your name Alesia.” it turns out the geeky Afan have guts to ask her Alesia.Alesia replied nervously “Uh yeah .. Afan your name?.” said Alesia, and Afan just nodded. Alesia follow the lessons seriously.

The recess bell rang, all the children quickly out of the classroom, but Alesia was reluctant to leave the classroom. Afan, a friend of her bench was quickly leaving Alesia. “It’s useless me a break if I do not have any friends.” he said to himself, suddenly there was a hand on her shoulder and turned to shock Alesia hand, saw a woman the same age as Alesia “You are not to the canteen?.” asked the woman, and Alesia was just shook her head, she suddenly caught up Alesia “Then the same with me, oh yeah I introduce Ita.” the woman held out her hand, and Alesia just smiled gently close her hand by hand Ita “yes, thank you, I Alesia.” Alesia said. And Alesia Ita thought maybe it would be best friends. “You’re moving where?.” said Ita, and Alesia was about to answer but suddenly Alesia head pain and so sick, Alesia moaning in pain, holding her head. Ita was very surprised and she asked Alesia “Alesia, you what? Your sick?.” so many questions posed by Alesia Ita but could not hear anything, and her vision was off, her mouth could not speak but just could move a motion of his. “You what? HELP!!.” Ita yelled as she ran out of the classroom for help. Soon help arrived, so did the Afan.when help arrived Alesia had been lying on the floor, quickly ran to the Afan Alesia. “Let’s lift him to the sick bay!.” Ita command, but the other kids just shut up and look at Alesia, “Let’s Move!.” Ita shouted angrily. but no one ignore her, “okay if no one wants to help him, it means you do not have a heart! anything because he is the new kid? anything to his guys come here but do not want to help! what you guys think this spectacle!.” Ita said angrily, Afan listening to his heart was touched. Then quickly Afan holding Alesia to the sick, and was followed by Ita.

after more than 20 minutes into unconsciousness, Alesia finally realized, she saw all around “Ita, you who help me?.” asked Alesia on ita, but itâ looked puzzled to answer. “emm .. not.” ita replied. Alesia think that Ita was not going to help her, “Probably one of the teachers here are helping me.” Alesia said to myself. Alesia expression was visible upset and Ita who saw any confusion “what?.” asked ita. Alesia was surprised, and said “Oh no, no nothing.” Alesia smile. “The Afan help.” Ita make Alesia shocked “What you lie?.” asked Alesia, and itâ shook his head with a smile, a beautiful smile was immediately reflected on the lips Alesia “Afan, thank you.” Alesia said to myself, itâ was suspicious of Alesia “what you liked him?.” asked ita at Alesia, but Alesia just shook his head.

the bell rang to go home, have 4 subjects who did not follow Alesia today because this afternoon incident at the break. Alesia force myself to walk and rush home. “Come Alesia You definitely can.” Alesia said as she tried to step, little by little Alesia finally able to walk. Alesia to class and took her purse. Schools have started slow, maybe Alesia last student in this school, Alesia was furious because her father did not come “Daddy where are you? I want to go home.” Alesia spoke softly, and suddenly “Alesia, you can not go home?.” O god! it Afan, directly Alesia was nervous, and she was stuttering “eh emm .. I’m waiting for pickup father but until now it has not come.” Alesia smiled awkwardly and looked at Alesia Afan was so beautiful and it makes Alesia pounding her heart attack, “Afan, are you okay?.” Alesia said as she moved his right hand moving in front of his face and Afan was surprised “oh yeah, you’re going home with me? ‘ll walk between you get home.” Afan at Alesia said with a smile “What! is this a dream? I wanted but I was embarrassed. gods! help me!.” Alesia said to myself, and this time was the sculpting Alesia “Alesia ..” Afan daydream Alesia realize “oh well, but what it does not bother?.” Afan asked Alesia and shook his head. is happy with a sense of happy Alesia rose to Afan motorcycle driven by Afan.in the way they did just a mutual silence, but Afan and Alesia was actually they heart pounding.

“brm.. brm..” motorcycle noise was right in front of the house Alesia “thank you, maybe if you did not exist until now I have not come home.” Alesia said at Afan, Afan and just smiled. “Alesia, with whom are you?.” voice, it is the mother Alesia “Grave! come fast you go!.” Alesia said at Afan, Afan and was riding his bike quickly. suddenly there were touching shoulders Alesia “Alesia.” and Alesia carefully reversed body and .. “I’m surprised mom makes it.” Alesia said as she smoothed her hair a messy wind affected Afan while hitchhiking, and Alesia mother just shook her head “You’re in between motor life? with?.” Her mother’s questions made ​​Alesia Alesia finally embarrassed and lied “I’m in between by brother Ita his mom, his name Safani.” Alesia said with a grin, “he’s a man?.” question this one was truly awful, and Alesia lied again “not mom! her girls, really.” Alesia showed her two fingers stiff grimace, Alesia quickly ran into the room.

“why do I feel nervous when close to Afan? what is the name love?.” Alesia said to myself “ah! what the hell I am! I must not fall in love with Afan! NOT! Afan is my friend, I do not want my relationship with Afan as friend busted just because I fell in love with him. come on Alesia Forget Afan!!. ‘Alesia seems really likes to Afan since first meeting, when Alesia and Afan collide, as they sat together, while helping Afan Alesia, and especially when Alesia piggybacking Afan. first day of school Alesia apparently already found the idol of her heart, before her Alesia never been in love and Alesia hope she falls in love with the right person. “I hope it’s not too much trouble in love like reading a novel that is in all the libraries in the world.” Alesia is a girl who does not like the novel, but he really likes to make stories about her life.

* the next day *

“Today I will not be late!.” Alesia said while tying shoelaces “is finished! let our father go.” Alesia shouted, this time Alesia really changed, she usually does not go to school at 6:00 and this is very strange. Her father also thought it was weird when she gets in front of the school she went straight out of the car and ran cheerfully. suddenly there was someone called “Alesia!.” and Alesia was immediately turned toward the sound was coming “ita, what?.” Alesia answer greeting ita. “There is not anything, I just say hello. oh yeah, yesterday you why? did you sick?.”This question makes Alesia confusion to answer, finally Alesia was looking for another excuse “I think learning will soon be at the start. I do not want to be late again, so I was first, okay.” Alesia was immediately ran to class, “I’m sure if itâ know the truth for sure he did not want to be friends with me anymore.” Alesia said to myself. class is still very quiet, weird. “when already at 6:20, why still quiet?.” Alesia said to her self as she looked over at her hands, and soon came Afan. “Alesia ..” Alesia was surprised and immediately turned her “Afan ..” , And they both laughed. “why did you come in the morning?.” Afan said, still laughing and Alesia “you too, I do not want to leave early because late again.” Alesia said, “I do too.” Afan said again, finally they both laughed again. “ekhem .. did I interrupt?.” ita suddenly came, and Alesia immediately stop her laughter as well as Afan. “absolutely not.” Afan said. until a few minutes they were in the class finally began her many other students who came “Today I sit with you ya!.” Alesia said Ita, and Afan even connect “when you’re sitting with one person should not be changed again.” Ita who heard immediately nodded her head. “no! do with her ​​anymore oh god! I do not want to be in love with him!.” Alesia said to myself. “is that so? Oh God, all right ….” Alesia was immediately seated beside Afan, .. deg deg deg .., her heart pounding “Alesia, are you nervous?.” asked Ita. “huh? did not, did her why.” Alesia said, and glanced Afan was Alesia, “it was a cold sweat you see a lot.” ita laughed, Afan who saw it immediately and held her forehead with a very surprised Alesia, Alesia looked Afan “oh God! what he did?.” Alesia said to myself. “You’re not a fever right?.” asked Afan at Alesia, and Alesia was just smiling and Afan release his hand from the forehead of Alesia. Mrs.Suny soon, they both follow the lessons well.


bell rang, all the children out of Alesia and Ita exception class. “Alesia, can I ask you something?.” Ita approached at Alesia, “Absolutely.” Alesia answer, now they sit together. “what do you like Afan?.” Yikes! Another question, Alesia was nervous “I beg honest with me.” Ita added. Alesia was finally admitted “yeah, I guess so.” Ita who was directly surprised to hear her, “but I beg you, you do not tell her at Afan.” Alesia added, and Ita strong nod. “I want to give him something, but what do you think?.” asked Alesia in Ita “do you know? Afan keen to be on holiday to Bali.” Answer Ita, Alesia already got an idea. “ita! I know! I had to go to Bali savings, but I think I will give her at Afan.” Ita’m also happy. “You will give in the form of money?.” Ita asked, “of course not, I would give him tickets to Bali.” Alesia answer, and they both already agree on it.
after school, direct Alesia breaking her savings. Her highly enough money, and Alesia decided to buy shirts for a keepsake and it directly purchase tickets. “mom, I want to buy a shirt, can I get out?.” Alesia to get permission from his mother. “with whom?.” his mother asked, “Ita, can?.” Alesia and her mother even asked his consent. Alesia Ita touch over the phone, after a ten-minute wait Ita, Ita finally come also “Come quick!.” invite ita, Alesia quickly straight into the car Ita.
Alesia buy a red shirt, Yes! it certainly was for Afan. After that she also bought a ticket to Bali, “Are you sure?.” asked ita, and Alesia nodded firmly. they had to queue for a long time, and now finally turn Alesia, a sudden hand Ita prevent Alesia “I hope you do not regret it.” Alesia was shocked “What do you mean?.” . “I mean, you do not regret what is this, because I think it is highly overrated.” Ita said, somewhat annoyed Alesia answered “and if you think it’s over why do you want to accompany me here?.” Alesia down and pondered Ita. “but it’s all up to you, do as you please you.” Ita convincing Alesia, Alesia and smiled. Immediately Alesia immediately bought tickets for Afan, “This ticket has been to me, clothes even so, this is all for now stay Afan. I hope you gave her the Afan.” Alesia remarks were made ​​Ita confused “why me?.” , Alesia laughed and said “because you’re what I believe.” and itâ immediately smiled.

“Thank you so Ita.” Alesia said with a smile, but itâ very surprised when I saw the blood running down her nose Alesia. “Alesia!.” ita scream and immediately gave Alesia a tissue “for what?.” Alesia asked, “look at your nose, full of blood! your nosebleed!.” Ita said, “Blood on the nose? was her sign I will die in the near future, I have to give all this to the Afan before I die.” Alesia said to myself, do not feel her tears are streaming down her cheeks. “alesia, are you okay?.” asked Ita, and Alesia immediately wipe her tears “emmm .. thanks Ita!.” Alesia immediately rushed into the room, she cried with a loud scream, it makes her suspicious mother “Alesia …” Her voice calling from outside the room “mother, please help me Mom! Alesia afraid.” Alesia screamed and her mother were immediately embraced Alesia “do not worry, she’ll let you. Later in the day of your death mother promised fulfill all your desires.” Alesia was unconscious and blood flowed from his nose.

* next day *

“are you okay today?.” asked Ita, and Alesia was silent “given at Afan, soon I’ll go away.” . Alesia provide clothes and tickets to Ita “oh yeah one more, this ticket should be given when I commanded you.” Alesia added, and Ita nodded knowingly. “Afan .. this is for you.” Ita a gift to Afan “From who? Thank you okay.” Afan receive it, there Alesia distant view. “I wish I were there.” Alesia said to myself. “No, it’s from someone. she likes you.” ita immediately walked out of the Afan, and Alesia followed her from behind.”ita, how?” asked Alesia, and itâ addressing thumb. “I give, when I give her tickets at Afan?.” asked Ita, and Alesia muses that “someday, that at the right time.” Alesia said, and suddenly felt pain Alesia section head, she could not see, hear, let alone talk. “Alesia! You why.” ita was panic and ask for help. Alesia was taken to the hospital because it’s really been very severe, be destroy her whole body almost rigid. About a 5 hour unconscious, now she’s already quite improved, itâ see her “Alesia, be honest with me. actually you why.” asked ita, and Alesia crying “I’m afraid if you do not want to be friends with me anymore because I’m …” Alesia stop talking “you know why? Firm ita, but Alesia reluctantly answered “Answer Alesia! answered! answered!. “itâ began angrily, and Alesia started talking” I hit a malignant brain cancer, the doctor told me I was pretty soon, maybe today is the day of my death. so you already know it all, right now you’d regret ever be friends with me. “Alesia turned her face because not bear to see tears Ita, Ita never thought that she would lose the best friend soon. Ita was immediately rushed out and come home to Afan.


“Afan! Beg me to open the door quickly!.” Ita screaming and crying, and Afan opened the door of his house “what? why are you crying?.” asked Afan. “she ..!.” Ita said while crying, she was unable to speak again “what? tell me, I do not really terrible what’s behind all this.” Afan confusion, “she is, she’s in danger! She likes you, she will be gone for good.” ita scream, Afan was shocked “What? then I have to do?.” Afan asked, “now you’re coming with me. quickly!.” ita snapped Afan, Afan soon change. approximately 20 minutes of waiting Afan finally finished too. “Basic geeky! Forever changed course you are! Heyh, she does not like the geeky, so I wonder why there can be people who love you!. Come quickly.” ita interesting Afan hand. maybe they are less fortunate, they are exposed to a standstill. And they consumed time for 2 hours “gosh! Long time!.” ita scolded her repeatedly honking his car “be patient, his name is also in Jakarta.” Afan said, but itâ not answer.


“I beg you .. mom told itâ I loved him, and told Itâ if I really loved his, mom, dad, I go .. please burn Relax me. bye all.” and Alesia her last breath, her father and her mother was crying predictably profound. “Alesia!!!!!.” her mother was screaming hysterically, trying to calm her father Alesia, soon came Afan and Ita “how things Alesia?.” asked Ita, and mother Alesia who answered “she’s dead, she’s told that she is very fond of you, and she also said that Alesia loved him.” , Things became quiet and full of sorrow. “So, during this Alesia who likes me?.” Afan Ita wept in the arms of the “one another, she gave you this.” ita gave the tickets to the Afan “she really loves you, she gives his all for you. willing she was on holiday to Bali for you. understood it Afan!.” ita said. “This is all my fault! should I said since the beginning, I was actually loves her!.” Afan cry.


*a few months later *

“I can finally blessings on holiday to Bali, thanks Alesia. I love you.” Afan said to myself, now he was in Bali. He visits a plateau, where he bought two red and blue balloons. red is the favorite color Afan, while blue is the favorite color of Alesia, Afan wrote:

To: Maharani Putri Alesia W.
Trom: Natalion Assyafan

Alesia, I hope you read this. Foolishly I did not express my love for you since the beginning, and now I’m very sorry for your loss. I was a very stupid! Thank you for your gift, I truly thank you. You have to realize my dream. I hope you calm down there, I’ll meet you in every dream, I will always remember you. I will change what you want, I know you do not like a nerd, then I will change for you, I will not be a nerd anymore. I Love you Alesia.





Natalion Assyafan

and he was immediately attach the letter to both the balloon and fly it.






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